Before each guest arrives, the workstation has to be totally sanitized and prepped for your safety. To compensate for the additional time necessary to meet state guidelines, a temporary COVID-19 charge will be added to cover this expense. The associated charge is based on the following times; 30 min. ($5), 60 min. ($10), Over 60 min. ($15).

CORONAVIRUS PRECAUTIONS – for everyone’s safety

The Salon is taking every possible measure to ensure the safety and health of both our team members and our guests. We are immediately implementing the following policies:

1) We are requiring that you come alone to your scheduled visits.  

This includes your children, friends, and/or family.  No one please without an appointment.

We understand that closures of schools and daycares may have impacted you; however, if you are unable to come alone, we ask that you reschedule your appointment at your first opportunity.  If any person(s) other than scheduled clients arrive with you, your appointment will be declined, and you will be asked to reschedule.

2) Upon arrival, we will take your temperature in your car.

Text or call your stylist when you arrive for your appointment. They will meet you outside and, while in your car, take your temperature and provide you with a mask if necessary.

3) Reschedule if your immune system is compromised or if 65+ years old.

We ask that anyone with a compromised immune system, over the age of 65, or anyone who has recently traveled to high risk areas refrain from scheduling appointments at this time.

4) If you are showing any viral symptoms, your appointment will be canceled.

Anyone who is showing any symptoms of the virus will be declined entry to the salon and spa and will be asked to reschedule their visit. Temp checks will be available if necessary.

5) Wash your hands upon arriving at The Salon.

We are requiring all guests to wash their hands with anti-bacterial soap and water upon arrival to our salon.

6) We are limiting schedules to reduce contact.

We are implementing limited schedules to reduce the amount of people in our facility at any one time. We also are executing high-level sanitation after each guest. This may result in us having to reschedule your appointment(s). We will contact you immediately if your appointment is affected by this temporary policy.

7) Salon members who are symptomatic are required to stay home.

If any team member shows any symptoms of being ill, they will be required to stay home and isolate for the time frame recommended by the CDC.
Thank you for your cooperation during this time! - Lynn Glaze